Hot Tapping & Live Drilling

Hot Tapping & Live Drilling

Task Welding is one of the UK’s established Live Drilling & Hot Tapping specialist contractors, working with customers in mills, refineries, universities, institutions, mines and other industrial facilities across the UK, causing minimum disruptions on a day to day operations.

Regardless of the size, complexity, or location of a pipeline project, hot tapping and plugging is the preferred method for performing maintenance, repairs, or modification work that requires making safe entry into a live, pressurized line. The technology also makes it possible for pipeline owners and operators to isolate and bypass sections of the pipeline so they can complete their projects without shutting down.

Task Welding’s Hot Tapping services provide reliable, safe and controlled entry into live piping, vessels and tanks operating at pressure or vacuum without losing product or interrupting live systems.


Applications for Hot Tapping pipe services

  • Preventing shutdown
  • New construction tie-ins
  • Installation of by-pass piping systems
  • Pressure and vacuum installations
  • Coded Welding
  • New pipeline construction



Repairing defects, dents, gouges, corrosion, and leaks in pipelines can be a costly and resource-intensive task. For more than 25 years, Task Welding has worked to make that less costly and more efficient by offering a range of repair and reinforcement products that are capable of permanently restoring pipelines to their maximum operating pressure without having to replace the entire section.


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