Commercial Boiler Welding and Repairs

Commercial Boiler Repairs

We can repair & maintain water tube boilers in many utilities, mills, refineries, universities, institutions, mines and other industrial facilities across the UK.


Task Welding also provides emergency on-site repair:

Inspection – visually inspects each boiler and perform NDT testing as needed. We use dye penetrant & MPI testing to expose areas of boiler tube cracking.

Boiler Tube Extraction – old boiler tubes are removed along with the tube ends. Any minor tube sheet cracks are then repaired to the BSEN Welding specifications.

Boiler Tube Installation – new boiler tubes (manufactured to exceed specifications) are installed, rolled then welded.

Boiler Testing & QC – hydro-tests the boiler, witnessed by our authorized inspection agency. The boiler is then closed and prepared to fire using all new gaskets. We visually check scale and fits during this phase. We can provide ultrasonic thickness testing, or borescope the inside of water tube boiler tubes as required. We can also handle code repairs to access points, nozzles and other related equipment.

Documentation – Task provides all completed repair forms for submission to the Boiler pressure codes & other applicable regulatory agencies.

Retubing & tube replacement for boilers of all sizes

Task Welding specializes in the retubing of firetube boilers, water tube boilers, superheaters, pre-heaters, heat exchangers and other pressure vessels. Boiler tubes must be able to endure extremely high temperatures, pressures, and potentially wide fluctuations in demand depending on the application.

Boiler re-tubing and tube replacement can extend the life of the boiler and saves the tubes from deteriorating due to scale build up and cracking. Boiler retubing can be completed by our experts onsite at your facility, or at our Facility in Portsmouth.

Extend the life of your boiler:

Tubes are the heart of any boiler unit. Improper deaeration and water treatment can significantly affect the lifespan of tubes. Additionally, tube replacement can often indicate water quality issues that need to be addressed.

Retubing can increase the life of the unit by many years. If you are experiencing excessive scale or system leaks, Task can help you determine whether tube replacement is the best option, or if it’s time to replace/upgrade your boiler.


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