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At Task Welding, we stand by our values to provide excellent welding services on par with global standards.

Founded in 1979, we began with small office space in Titchfield 91, which was later moved to a larger premise in Portsmouth Hilsea. The move was the result of a rapid increase in demand for our services, which had surpassed all existing welding and fabrication service providers.

The major factor that contributes to the success and the rising popularity of our services is the exceptional quality of work delivered with complete dedication and acute precision.

Every job, however big or small is performed and completed with an equal level of integrity and accuracy.

The skilful welders and fabricators, who are the backbone of our incredible services, are fully trained and qualified in many practices including ASME  Welding, ASME IX, NORSOK, AWS D1.1, 9606-2, and EN 287-1. Their expertise includes the ability to perform welding on an array of materials such as stainless steel, carbon steels, super duplex, duplex, aluminium, RQT and titanium to name a few.

One of the major services offered by our company is coded welding, from the research and development stage to various production levels, or new clients that may wish to incorporate a coded practice into an older production order to increase higher quality levels.

Coded Pipe welding or pipe fabrication is our speciality that demands great expertise.

Our staff are trained in many different materials, diameters, thicknesses and welding processes while working very closely with customers and their clients in achieving cost-effective solutions.

In addition to pipe welding, we offer our customers outstanding services of coded pipe welding and fabrication on a national level across the UK, ranging in many different sectors including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, marine fabrication and structural steel.

We take great pride in the commendable team of professionals that handle all our orders and the incredible skills that make them adept at carrying out any level of welding projects.

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